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Onions add a different flavor and fragrance to our food. I do not think any woman would think of cooking without the onion in her kitchen. The more delicious it is to see the pink, white onion, the more delicious it is to eat. It is used in every royal dinner. It enhances the color, taste, and nutrition of food. The benefits of eating onions are very much.

An interesting history of onion:

  • Onion is the identity and necessity of food for every country everywhere and it is found in every country.
  • But its beginnings and uses are considered from EGYPT. In addition to eating onions here, King Maharaja was also used for the country’s currency. For the king’s work, it was the tradition of offering onion to his employees and employees. After this the onion has become famous all over the world and is making its place, it has entered the Middle Ages in the countries of Asia and Europe. Then it started to be used and so much liked that it was used in every meal and dish  In Europe.
  • Then onion, after Europe, turned to the West Indies while traveling on its way. The credit for bringing it here goes to the great traveler and America’s discovery Christopher Columbus. After the West Indies, the production of onion started growing in the West. Today China, India, the United States, Russia, and Spain have emerged as big producers of onion. Here the production and use of onion is already being done in more quantity.

Elements of Onion (Ingredients):

  • Onions contain many useful and healthful minerals and vitamins.
  • In it, sulfur compounds, flavonoids and vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, potassium, copper, fiber, iron and low calorie fat are found in abundance.
  • A cup of onion in any form (raw or roasted) contains about 210 gms of nutrients giving various benefits to the body
Component Per 100g  %
Biotin 27
Mengenese 16
Copper (Cu) 16
Vitamin B6 16
Vitamin C 15
Fiber 12
Phosphorus (P) 11
Potassium (K) 10
Vitamin B1 08

The right way to use onion:

  • There are many layers on the onion. When we use it, we take several layers of its peel. But there is more power on the outer layers of the onion. So if you want to take maximum advantage of the nutrients of onion, peel it at least the layer. With the removal of small thin layers, lots of energy are destroyed, so if you remove a thick layer, then you will remove the energy along with the tears in your eyes.
  • whenever the onion is boiled for a long time to make soup, the quercetin present in it is transferred to the water instead of being destroyed and very nutritious soup is prepared. It is necessary for the soup to be cooked on medium flame.
  • However, it is beneficial to use onion in any form, but it is more beneficial to add it as a salad. More than this quercetin comes in our body, which is good for health.

Benefits of eating Onions

Control blood pressure:

  • Onions contain chromium (elements), which reduces the level of sugar in the blood in the body, which keeps blood pressure under control. It also decreases the risk of diabetes. Onion consumption is advised if there is a complaint of hypertension (high blood pressure).

Help in reducing cholesterol:

  • You have said many times or say that every time the onion has been eaten as a salad. Regular consumption of onion prevents cholesterol in the body, and makes you agile and nimble. It also reduces chances of heart attack. Take on, the onion enhances the taste of food as well as keeps your attention in mind.

Reduce infection:

  • The onion has the properties of increasing immunity. This enables the body to fight any disease. It is also helpful in preventing infection. Onion is naturally antibiotic, antiseptic which keeps you away from infection.

Increase resistance:

  • Phytochemic and Vitamin C present in the onions increase the immunity of the body. It protects us from fighting many diseases.


Cancer prevention:

Benefits of eating onions

Cancer prevention:

  • Daily consumption of onion enhances immunity to avoid cancer. It protects against all types of cancer such as colorectal, and overian cancers. An onion should be consumed about half a cup of essentiallydaily.

Benefits of eating Onions Patients for Ulcers:

  • Free radicals present in the onions protect against the problems and abdominal problems. The use of onion is very beneficial in eliminating gastric ulcers (stomach ulcers).

Increase digestive power:

  • By consuming onions, digestive juices become more in the body, which inhibits the occurrence of digestion. Aha! Eating onion enhances the flavor, as well as helping to increase digestive power. It also destroys abdominal diseases.Benefits of eating onions

Keep eyes healthy:

  • Green onions are rich in vitamin A, which is beneficial in removing the problems of eyes and protecting against vitamin A deficiency diseases.

Bright skin:

  • If you want shiny, creamy skin then start consuming onion and using it. Onions contain abundant amounts of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, which are beneficial for skin.

Reduce the menstrual cycle:

  • Onion consumption is also beneficial for reducing the problem of women during menstrual cycle. In the early days of menstruation, onion consumption is helpful in reducing the menstrual cycle during regular menstrual cycle.

Increasing memory :

  • Phytochemicals present on the onion strengthen the brain. It controls the nervous system and eating onions helps in increasing memory.

Benefits of onion juice:

The use of onions is beneficial in all forms. Onion is also used in many places for its juice. So let’s see some beneficial advantages of onion juice.

Benefits of eating onions

Eliminate eye problems:

  • When water comes from eyes or light eyesight, it is beneficial to put onion juice in the form of medicine. Mixing onion juice with rose water and removing eyes from the drop of eyes also eliminates the problem of eyes.

Increase the beauty:

  • Applying onion juice with paste of turmeric also results in staining of facial scars and the skin of the face starts to shine, and your beauty begins to grow.

Avoid irritation:

  • If you have a scar on the skin, then put onion juice on it, it will be marked in a few days. Applying onion juice immediately after burning on any type is less irritation.

Benefit of eating onions in fever, common cold, cough, allergies

  • Mixing onion juice with honey is very beneficial in allergic reactions. When high fever comes, keep the piece of onion on the head, it gives coolness, which reduces the fever. Even if the fever is not decreasing, it is also beneficial to apply onion juice on the head and hands too.

Rescue from hot air:

  • Onion juice is like nectar during the summer season. Apply onion juice to the head and hands, due to heat, the skin and warm air caused by burning scratches.
    If you are going anywhere in the sun, keep the onion with you. This will save you from the hot air.

Benefits of eating onions for bee bites

  • It would be very interesting to know that the juice of onion protects you from bee stings. If you ever cut a bee suddenly, do not panic. Immediately put the onion juice in that place and see, you will be away from that problem in a little while.

Extremely beneficial for hair:

  • By applying onion juice in the root of hair, hair loss and decay is reduced. It also protects from the hair lice. Onion juice should be used in the hair at least twice a week. It makes hair healthy and compulsive.

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There is great benefit to eating onions. The onion will be given in some form, it will definitely give you the fidget. That’s why you must use this with food

With the combination of flavonoids and sulfur compound onions, onions make very good quality, and therefore WHO (World Health Organization) advises to add onion to the meal

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