how many type of health insurance policy

Which Type of Health Insurance Policy will be the Best-fit for you?

  • The Indian insurance market is quite competitive and there are many options for choosing people across the country, in the health insurance policy, when it comes to buying the best health insurance policy in India.  we have made it much easier for you to choose the best health insurance policy, based on a thorough comparison in terms of various insurance aspects, such as premium, entry age, policy tenure, sum assured etc. The following is a quick guide to selecting the best health insurance policy, based on your need.

Individual Health Insurance policy

  • You must have a health insurance policy for yourself, as you never know when you may fall sick. Medical bills and hospitalization expense could drill a hole in your savings. Gift yourself the best health insurance policy that covers your current and potential healthcare needs.

Family Floater Health Insurance policy

  • You must have a family floater health insurance policy if you are married. And have a spouse and dependent kids to take care of This health insurance policy covers your whole family under a single umbrella of coverage. Also, the premium payable for such policies is often affordable.

how many type of health insurance policy

Senior Citizen Health Insurance policy

If you are over 60 years old, then a senior citizen’s health insurance policy is very much needed. Because the risk of getting sick increases due to aging

Critical Illness Insurance policy

  • If you are diagnosed with a critical illness specified in the policy documents, the insurer will pay a lump sum to you, irrespective of whether or not you’ve availed the treatment. Some critical illnesses covered by such policies are a heart attack, cancer of a specific type, etc.


Personal Accident Insurance policy

  • If you suffered accidental injuries that led to total or partial permanent disability, the insurer would pay a lump sum to you. Personal accident insurance is available as a rider, which can be included with your existing health insurance policy. This policy is a part of the health insurance policy.

Maternity Cover Plan

  • You regular health insurance policy might not provide coverage for childbirth or pregnancy-related complications. If you are planning to have a baby, then looking for maternity cover is a must for you.

Hospital Cash Plans

  • Regular health insurance policy do not cover for non-medical expenses incurred during hospitalization. While purchasing a health insurance policy, make sure to opt for hospital cash benefit to avail of coverage for all such expenses, subject to a limit.

how many type of health insurance policy

Group Health Insurance policy

Employers, generally, provide their employees with group health insurance coverage as the loyalty bonus or incentive, which does not require pre-policy medical check-up. Employees at all levels are provided with group health insurance policy. They can avail of cashless treatment at the network hospitals or get a reimbursement for the out-of-pocket medical expenses subject to the policy terms and conditions.


Now you have to choose which congressional health insurance policy is the best for you

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