• Blogging is perfect for you if you want to write content for a long time.
  • If you want to stay long in blogging So you should come across this vast world of blogging.
  • Everyone is in the minds of how can start a blog .

You should keep these things in mind:

  • Starting a blog should not be something that you do not want to do. Instead, starting a blog should always be about your favorite subject.. In this way you will not have to see it as a terrible core which you just want to end.

Your first ‘real’ post.

  • First of all introduce yourself. Meaning, give your own biodegradable information about yourself. Start your first post about that page.
  • For a post writer who has just started writing posts, there are some things that they should share in their first post:
  • The more you write about yourself, the more people understand you and believe in you
  • There is no definite method to do this. Either there is no ideal way. Present yourself in the most common way.Think about what you really want to write, why you want to write
  • How much you know about this topic about which you want to write.
  • If you are not satisfied with yourself, what will you do if you are satisfied with what you are writing.




Who should start a blog?

  • If you are a business person or you want to become an entrepreneur then surely you must have a blog. Do not use it for bad purposes.Please use it to legally develop your business.

Which blog service should you use?


  • None of Google’s Bloggers and WordPress can select.
  • If you are writing the first time, and you are just starting to blog. So you can do Google’s blog for free.
    But I always recommend wordpress.

Why WordPress is Easy to Use

  • There are many features in WordPress that are not in the blog. In WordPress, you can select pulse according to your preference / which will make your content professional. You can see in your own way, which method is good for you

What should your blog be about?

  • You can create a blog about any topic about which you know well. Whatever you can understand well, it would be good if you write it in that subject.

What are you passionate about?

  • At first you know what you are passionate about. You choose that topic, about which you are connected with the heart by knowing it.




Choose a good domain name


The most important part of the blog is the domain name.
Select the domain name for yourself and then buoy. A domain name in the Internet world means your address bar. This will identify you in the INTERNET.




 Choose a good web hosting




Let’s do this in a way – you can create a website without hosting.
A hosting is your website’s home. Choosing Good Hosting is an Important Part of Blog




Connect your domain with your hosting

  • Enter your login page in who purchase the domain  click the Sign In button and go to the dashboard and going to Domain Details page Locate the Name servers box and click the Manage link.
  • After clicking the Manage link you get new window for the Name server Settings box. this is main point for this step / after that  you open mail  from hosting company and copy to name server  and change the name server  that’s OK



Install Word-press

  • This is the system that will help you manage your website.
    For this part you want to choose Word-press.


Why Word-press

  • It is used by millions of people. WordPress is fast, reliable and easy to manage.
  • There is no other good system in the form of word-press.
  • There is a lot of plugin for using it, which can make your blog and WordPress good by doing it.


writing your first post

Go to Posts     Add Post:








You may also change your settings by choosing a good looking template by going to


Appearance<< Themes




you can find on-line themes and plug and use and customize your website/blog



Important facts

  • You can literally start a blog based off of your life experiences and personal knowledge.
  • It is easy to write each blog post, if you are able to write in a clear and well manner.
  • With every heart of your mind, you write with every heart.


People get lazy, and will stop writing because they are frustrated with little result something and don’t see a point of continuing. Blogging cab be a tedious job and if you are not committed you will fail.
Blogging takes are lot of time. You have to be in it for the long run and not expect to see any real results for your first couple months.


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