How to improve blog writing skills

Improve blog writing skills



Understand your reader’s interest and write accordingly. Then the reader will get a better understanding. As you keep writing as per the reader’s interest, however, your learning skills will be improving. This is a basic point for improve blog writing skills.

Decide the outline of the article

  • Before starting to write, prepare a template for your article that means you can decide what will be written from beginning to end of the article.

Keep hold on the reader from the beginning

  • His introduction in any article is very important. A good start quickly draws attention to the reader, while due to a normal start, it is possible that the reader will not read the entire article. Always start thinking about this, start your article and make it worse. So take a close look at the beginning of the article.

Make the reader a part of your article’s journey

  • Imagine that you are present in a class of 40 students in which a professor lecture is going on on any subject. Even if the subject is interesting, if it is boring, then it is possible that after some time, your attention will go somewhere else. Now imagine the same professor and think that you are in a discussion with him on the same subject, in which there is a two-way dialogue. Now think of yourself which of these two ways do you like? Negotiator, right? The reason is that it will be a personal experience.
    These things also apply in your writing. Try to make a dialogue with the reader, ask them through your article. Explain your point of view, your point of view, using examples, comparisons and analogies.

Tell your words to the right sentences

  • Avoid using karmic sentences, that is, passive voice, remember that active voice means that the key phrases strengthen your article. Let us consider this with an example-

Passive Voice:-  The first ruler of the Mughal dynasty was Babur.
Active Voice:-     Babur was the first ruler of the Mughal dynasty.

Passive Voice:-  For the first time in 1983, Kapil Dev was the captain of the Indian team that won the                                      Cricket World Cup.
Active Voice:-     In the captaincy of Kapil Dev, the Indian team won the Cricket World Cup for the first                                     time in 1983.

You can write your own words in a better way than this one rule, as well as reduce the confusion in your articles and it will be easier to understand.

Structure of sentences

  • Difficult or complex sentence makes it difficult to understand your article, and due to this, the possibility of writing over the reader becomes a possibility. The colloquial language and easy sentences make your articles live and interesting and it also helps in adding a reader to your article.

Keep in mind the limits of words

  • For each paragraph and every sentence, fix a main point. When you complete the article, read it from an editor’s view and remove any part of the article that is unwanted.
  • I was once given a very good suggestion to write with emotion, but while editing, put emotions in one corner. So take care of this while editing and make your article exactly as you want, not one word, nor one word more

Now send an editor to read your article.

  • No one completely writes the perfect article. It is good to edit your own article, but when a different person edits it, it is better. An editor can be helpful in getting the strong and vulnerable parts of your writing, so you will also know which parts of the article you need to work on.


Read more than you compose.


Compose from the heart. Workmanship made from the heart goes to the heart. In the event that you need your perusers to draw in with your substance and offer broadly then you need to interface profoundly and advance to their feelings. Workmanship made just from the head might be fundamentally right yet frequently neglects to move the peruser along these lines barely circulates around the web.


Make the initial two sections so enthralling that one must choose the option to peruse to the end. A run of the mill peruser has five-ten tabs opened on their program. On the off chance that they are not snared to your article by passage two they will just close the tab and move to another piece. Stay away from the new kid on the block mix-up of continually beginning a story from the earliest starting point at that point assemble it to peak towards the end. Begin with the juiciest piece of the story at that point fill in the subtle elements of how it arrived.


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