what causes low blood pressure(hypotension)





  1. Hypotension is the medicaly term for low BP
  2. Minor weakness is not a sign of low blood pressure(hypotension).
  3. Blurred vision and breathing difficulties are also signs.
  4. Low BP(hypotension)  patient should never wake up with shock.



Every person thinks:

what causes low blood pressure(hypotension)

You may have noticed that whenever a person speaks of low blood pressure  (hypotension)  to anyone around us, then we say to him, ‘No worries, eat fatly and drink, you will be well soon.’ If we ever diagnose blood pressure in the form of illness, it always means high blood pressure because this problem is responsible for deadly diseases such as heart disease. High blood pressure is really more harmful in this sense.

For this reason, most people do not see low blood pressure( hypotension)  as a health problem, but even when blood pressure is low, the flow of blood flows in the body is slow, which causes headaches, dizziness, weakness, blurred vision and difficulty breathing. As problems start happening By the way, once a low blood pressure is realized, drinking a cup of tea or coffee can get relief for a while. If someone has such a problem permanently, then oxygen and other essential nutrients do not reach to the brain, which proves to be very harmful to the body.


what is the low blood pressure(BP)

Identify the root cause of the problem

Many times people also consider minor weakness as low blood pressure (hypotension) but this is not always the case. Typically normal blood pressure is 120/80 but it is not necessary that all blood pressure is always the same. If a person’s Systolic BP (Higher Side) is less than 90 and Diastolic (Lower Side) is below 60, then it is considered to be low BP. That too in the case of blood pressure often remained the same. However, it is also possible that even though there is less blood pressure than the fixed border line, some people remain completely healthy and active. Sometimes the problem of dizziness, dizziness or dull appearance can be caused not only due to low BP but also the lack of essential nutrients.

There are similar symptoms in people, even when having anemia. Most women in India do not pay attention to their diet, which reduces iron in their body. Apart from this, due to excess bleeding during periods, women may have anemia problem, whose symptoms are similar to hypotension (low BP).

Sometimes it is important to take care that if urination is happening correctly, then it is important to note that urination is happening correctly. If there is no problem related to urine then there is no concern. On regular interval, urination means that the person’s blood pressure is so much that his kidney is working smoothly. There may be other reasons for dizziness.

In such a way, it is very important to identify the root cause of the problem and its treatment is very important.



what causes low blood pressure(hypotension)

  • Dehydration is the lack of water in the body, causing prolonged problems such as Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
  • This can also happen due to excess exercise, physical labor or loss. It also shows symptoms like blurredness (unclear vision) and unconsciousness.

ow and high blood presure

  • Blood pressure may also decrease due to excess bleeding. Whether bleeding is due to an accident or operation or for some other reason. Many times, even after delivery, there is a problem of low blood pressure in women due to lack of blood.


  • In the event of a weakening of the heart muscles, Hart can pump blood in very small quantities. It causes blood flow to the body in slow motion and the person gets blood pressure low. It also increases the risk of heart attack and heart infections. Apart from having a blockage in the heart’s arteries, the heartbeat is also slowed due to slowing of heartbeat.
  • When thyroid gland reduces the hormonal secretion, then there may be a problem of low BP (hypotension) in such a situation.


Keep these things in mind for low blood pressure( hypotension)and tips

  • Avoid taking unmatched and heavy diets. This leads to blood pressure (BP) loss because in such a situation, blood flow to the digestive system is faster but its speed becomes slow in other parts of the body. This makes the person feel lethargic.
  • If low blood pressure (hypotension)is a problem then you reduce the amount of carbohydrate foods such as potato, rice, pasta and bread etc. in your diet.
  • Regardless of the disease, there is definitely stress in its root somewhere. While some people with stress may increase blood pressure, there may be a problem of low blood pressure(BP). In this situation, meditation is beneficial. Do any work related to your interest, so that the brain remains active. Increase participation in such activities, which bring true happiness.
  • If you have a problem of low blood pressure(BP) then never wake up with shock. It has a risk of dizziness and fall. Always gradually make changes in your posture.
  • In addition to green leafy vegetables in your diet, add bananas, fruits like watermelon, pomegranate and grapes prominently. Regular consumption of sugar beet juice also keeps blood pressure balanced.



  • Increase the amount of liquids in your diet such as juice, buttermilk, scalp and lassi, Drink more water than usual.Which will help keep your blood pressure in control so try this and happy life.


  • Avoid fasting and do not stay empty . Keep eating a little over every two to three hours low blood pressure(hypotension) people have a lack of awareness about it
  • If there is excessive weakness, then drink salt and sugar in lemon juice immediately and increase the quantity of salt substances in your catering
  • Magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus present in almonds and raisins are helpful in reducing the problem of low blood pressure. Therefore, eat 6-7 almonds and 10-12 raisins in water regularly during the morning in the morning.
  • If you take care of these things then your blood pressure will always be balanced.

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