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Religare NCB Super Premium plan

NCB Super Premium by Religare is a best health insurance plan.It offers associate increased total insured along side the great sum. This plan is stacked with NCB advantage which expands the protection benefits.. Here are the details of this plan.

Features and Benefits

Mentioned below are the features and benefits of Religare NCB Super Premium plan.

Pre-Hospitalization and Post-Hospitalization Coverage:

  • This plan offers pre-hospitalization cover for diagnostic tests, routine medication, specialist conferences expenses and analytical tests up to 30 days and post-hospitalization cover for up to 60 days.

Ambulance Cover:

  • This plan offers reimbursement for the ambulance expenses .incurred in order to transport the insured to the nearest hospital. Whenever required, this cover can be extended for covering air ambulance too.

In-Patient Hospitalization:

  • In case of in-patient hospitalization for a minimum time period of 24 hours, this plan cover incur room rent, nursing expenses, intensive care unit expenses, doctor charge, surgeon charge, anesthesia expenses, blood fee, oxygen rent, operation theater rent.

Daycare Treatment:

  • This  plan covers incur medical cost for 540 plus covered daycare procedures, if the insured undergoes a covered daycare treatment no need hospitalization more than 24 hours

Room Rent:

  • This plan offers reimbursement for incurred expense as per the sum insured while insured is staying in a single/private room.

ICU Charges:

  • This plan covers ICU charges as per the sum insured.

Domiciliary Hospitalization:

  • This plan offer coverage for a medical emergency that does not allow an insured to go to a hospital and he /she undergoes treatment at home for a period more than 3 consecutive days.

Health Check-up:

  • Arrangement covers a yearly standard registration for protected on a yearly premise.

Automatic Recharge of Sum Insured:

  • This plan offers automatic recharge of the amount insured in case it is exhausted due to previous claims.

No Claim Bonus:

  • This plan offers up to 50 increase in sum assured upon renewal if no claims have been filed.

Organ Donor Cover:

  • The plan covers reimbursement for incur medical cost for harvesting an organ for an organ transplant of the insur.

Consolation of a Second Feeling:

  • The arrangement offers a second supposition on the off chance that the protected has any questions in regards to the analysis.

No Upper Age Limitation for Enlistment:

  • The arrangement offers full protection inclusion by offering no age confinement on the upper age constrain for enlistment.

Lifelong Renew-ability:

  • This plan comes with an option of lifelong renew-ability that enables an insured person to avail health insurance coverage throughout his/her life.

Alternate Treatment Coverage:

  • This plan offers insurance coverage for AYURWEDA, UNANI, and HOMEOPATHY treatment in accordance with the sum insured.

No Claim Bonus Super:

  • This plan offers NCB Super coverage that increases the sum insured by up to 100% for every claim free year. joined advantage for NCB and NCB Super for 5 back to back years expands the sum safeguarded up to 150%.

Everyday Care Benefit:

  • The add-on cover covers routine visits to hospitals,  consultation fees, and diagnostic test expenses up to 1% of sum insured.

Boundless Programmed Revive:

  • This extra discretionary cover offers programmed energize of the entirety guaranteed in the event that it is depleted.

Domestic Air-Ambulance Cover:

  • This plan under air-ambulance coverage in case an insured is recommended to undergo a medical treatment in some other city .

Personal Accident Coverage:

  • This plan offers a personal accident add-on that cover accidental death and permanent total disability, up to 10 times of the amount insured.

International Second Opinion:

  • This plan cover the 2nd opinion for medical treatment. As per the coverage opted, the insured can avail a 2nd opinion and consultation from doctors overseas.

Global Coverage:

  • This plan comes with a Global coverage add-on that allows an insured to avail cashless medical treatment at network-listed hospitals across the globe as per the opted coverage.


 Religare NCB Super Premium plan

religare health insurance plan

Holding up period:- Any ailment or infections finding, medical procedure, or any strategy happening inside the initial 30 days of approach initiation.

Self-Perpetrated Damage:- Any costs brought about because of self-incurred damage/suicide/endeavored suicide.

Use of Intoxicant:- Any costs caused because of damage/disorder identified with utilize and maltreatment of intoxicants, for example, liquor, drugs, and so on.

Aids:- Any costs acquired for the treatment of aids or related disease/infections

Pregnancy:- Any acquired costs because of pregnancy, labor, premature birth, unnatural birth cycle, and related outcomes.

Inborn Ailment:- Any acquired treatment costs due to intrinsic conditions.

IVF Treatment:- Any tests & treatment expense due to infertility treatment and IVF (in-vitro fertilization).War-Any treatment costs identified with wounds emerging out of war, strikes, atomic weapons and uproars.

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