what can cause high blood pressure

what can cause high blood pressure



The problem of high blood pressure is a fatal problem, according to the World Health Organization, due to high blood pressure 7 million people die every year. Now a days people are becoming more prey of high blood pressure due to less physical work and irregular lifestyles. When the blood flows in the nerve, it creates pressure on the edges of the veins. The pressure of blood, that is called pressure, is called blood pressure. If your blood pressure is high, then this heart needs to work hard to pump it. If the pressure exceeds the need, then the heart attack or the heart becomes stroke.


What should be blood pressure?

what can cause high blood pressure

When the patient’s blood pressure is more than 140/90 then such condition is called hypertension. This means that there is high tension in the arteries. High blood pressure does not mean excessive emotional stress. Emotional stress and pressure temporarily increase blood pressure. Typically blood pressure should be up to 120/80. Blood pressure between 139/89 is called pre-hypertension and blood pressure of 140/90 or greater is considered high. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, hardening of arteries, bad eyesight and bad brain damage.

If you have any problems like hypertension then you are more likely to get heart related problems. Let’s focus on some things for a healthy heart.

Cause of high blood pressure

1. Age:

  • Increases the risk of high blood pressure with age. As we grow in age, our blood pressure grows naturally. In fact, people over 50 to 60 years of age are at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases.

2. Genetic:

  • Some people are more blessed for genetically high blood pressure. This may be due to gene mutation or genetic abnormality.

3. Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking:

  • Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or using recreational drugs such as cocaine etc. may cause tension on the arteries and damage the heart. Smoking causes narrow arteries, due to which the heart has to work more. This can also increase the risk of heart attacks and heart diseases.

4. Hormonal conditions:

  • Aldosteroneism, is a common cause of high blood pressure, a hormonal disorder that causes an imbalance between potassium and sodium levels. Hormone therapy for menopause may also be a cause of increase in blood pressure.

5. Sleep apnea

  • Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes the breath to stop or become too shallow during sleep. This can reduce the levels of oxygen and increase stress on the cardiovascular system.Which causes high blood pressure

6. Kidney Diseases:

  • One of the most common causes of high blood pressure is kidney disease. The kidneys are normally regulating the body’s salt balance by keeping sodium and water and by removing potassium. In this imbalance can increase the amount of blood, with which high blood pressure can arise.

Stay Alert and Control Ourselves


Why delay in check up

Regular checkups are very important for good health. From time to time, ECG and check-up are detected by any type of blockage. Due to our neutral lifestyle today, men are more likely to get heart attack after the age of 45 and women after 55 years of age. If your blood pressure is not controlled, you should keep checking from time to time.

How much diet should be in high blood pressure

For high blood pressure patients  brinjal, Vegetarian Diet is very beneficial. Patients with high blood pressure should consume legumes, pulses, vegetables, fat grains, fruits, dried fruits and seeds with seeds in their diet. All these foods contain adequate vitamins, proteins and fibers. By eating these foods daily, you can normalize your blood pressure in 2 weeks.

Take less salt

According to the doctor, the main reason for the increased blood pressure is the high intake of salt, which increases the risk of heart problems. If you pay attention to your diet during the time, you will not have any problems after going ahead.

Cholesterol Level Control

Take foods that control the level of the cholesterol in the body because cholesterol levels affect cardiovascular health. Eat fruits like apples and oranges, such as fruits, onions, broccoli and fish.

Use stairs

Exercising daily is good for heart health. Instead of using the lift in the office, use the stairs instead.

what can cause high blood pressure

Make a little less angry

Anger can be fatal for heart patients. Make every effort to relieve stress, you can also resort to meditation and yoga. Anger by blood pressure and stress increases. Experts believe that 90 percent of cardiac arrest is due to stress.

Reduce the intake of drug/medicine

Excessive amount of drug addiction increases blood pressure, which leads to further increase in weight and increases the likelihood of heart attack. You can avoid heart problems by paying a little attention to your health and lifestyle. By paying a little attention to your body, you can avoid many problems.

Control weight

Increased weight is a major cause of the irregularity of high blood pressure.

Eat healthy and nutritious meals

what can cause high blood pressure

While choosing food, always remember that it is not dangerous for your heart or health. Eat at least cholesterol food as much as possible and avoid even saturated fats. Do not eat fast foods such as pizza, burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches etc. The use of smoking or tobacco increases the chances of decreasing blood pressure. Not only smoking and smoking of any type of tobacco causes cancer and many such diseases. So do not eat tobacco and smoking.

Other changes are necessary

  • In addition to these changes in diet, if you include exercise in your daily routine. you can reduce blood pressure rapidly. For this you should walk at least 30 minutes every morning at high speed. Note that while walking, you should not take breath from your mouth and take it with your nose. Apart from this, you should drink 4-5 liters of water throughout the day and do some exercise. With such changes, you can normalize blood pressure in two weeks.

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